Various places this morning

Before I get started on today’s activities I forgot to mention yesterday that as of Tuesday night I have been on the road for 6 weeks (halfway through my original planned schedule) and have logged 17,203 miles!  I am going to be extending my trip in to the early part of October before heading back east.


This morning I drove south from Fort Collins to Loveland, Colorado, then turned right and headed west on Route 34 towards Rocky Mountain National Park.

I saw this rock formation which is called “The Profile.”


Next I drove past an incredibly long stretch of the Big Thompson River which was cascading down just left of the highway.




After I took those photos I looked up towards a rock formation and took this shot.


I continued up the road towards the little town of Drake, where I saw this gorgeous property just off the road to the left.  What a spot to live!


Later I saw this young man fly fishing, upstream in the same river.  He lives down in Boulder, which is between here and Denver, and was just up here to enjoy the day.