Winter is coming…

This three-photo sequence was taken by panning left-to-right from the Forest Canyon Overlook.  This was around 2pm local time.




That cloud system was moving in from the west and overtook me before I got to the next stop.

As I was walking briskly back to my car I saw this young man walking up to the overlook with his father.  I complimented him on his being properly attired (I was still wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  Brrrrrr….).  I continued walking but then went back and asked his dad if I could take his picture.


And I saw this young couple from South Dakota again.  We had been seeing each other at various stops ever since I entered the Park around 1230 local time.  They really cracked me up at our first encounter because she was standing on the grass panning her phone from right-to-left and he was standing right behind her, on the sidewalk which was slightly higher, doing exactly the same thing with his phone.  They moved together in perfect harmony and I wish I had been quick enough to have taken a picture of them while they were doing it.


They were also dressed much more intelligently than I was.