Ketchup is a switch

I mean catch up is a bitch.

Posted a few more things from earlier in the trip last night, but still have a serious backlog.  Have been in Rocky Mountain Park each of the last three days and continue to add to the list of pictures which I will get around to posting eventually.  Will go up to the Park for the final time this trip in just a little while (writing this at 718a local time, Saturday).

Moved the JohnBoy roadshow from Fort Collins to Breckenridge, Colorado yesterday evening and will be here one more night before heading further south to Colorado Springs for 4 nights.

Weather out here in Colorado has been spectacular.  I should have mentioned in the ominous “Winter is coming…” post the other day that that was an isolated incident.  The weather in Colorado is extremely changeable.  Conditions can improve or deteriorate VERY quickly.  Rain may occur near you, if not right where you are.  This time of year it rains a little just about every afternoon.  Temperatures at high elevation are brisk and there is often a stiff wind, but down below it is very pleasant.

The Colorado air is clear and refreshing.  Temperatures since I left Idaho have been much more agreeable.  I have the sunroof open every morning and evening (but shut it mid-day so I don’t burn my bald spot!)  The risk of wildfires in southern Wyoming and where I’ve been so far in Colorado is relatively low compared to where I’ve been the past few weeks.