Say hello to my little friends

I figured it was about time I let you meet my traveling companions which are allowing me to traverse and document this incredible journey.

This is my Motorola Turbo Android smartphone which provides the majority of the photos you have seen.  It takes excellent quality full frame pictures.


And this is my Canon PowerShot SX 530 HS digital camera.  I acquired it about halfway through my visit to Yellowstone when I became disenchanted with the quality of the zoom pictures my smartphone was taking.


And I couldn’t get to some of the venues I have seen without the aid of my 3rd GPS unit, a Magellan RoadMate 5322LM.


She’s currently on probation, though, and may very soon suffer the same fate as my first two GPS units which were both tossed out the driver’s window when I got frustrated with them. It’s not looking good…