Hidden Valley Visitor Center


The second day I was in Rocky Mountain National Park I stopped at this Visitor Center to use the restroom.  As I was pulling in I noticed lots of people walking around in the areas next to the parking lot with Safety Sam vests on and carrying long grabber sticks.  At first I thought they were having an Easter Egg hunt but no, they were volunteers picking up trash.

After doing what I stopped here for I spent some time reading the signs and looking around the property.  I learned that this site was once home to the Hidden Valley Ski Lodge.  The Park Service deconstructed the Lodge from 1999 to 2003 and reused many of the materials in building this beautiful new visitor center.


I also found a group of people under a shelter talking to a Park Ranger.  They were the volunteers I had seen picking up trash.  I got there just as the Ranger announced they he had combined all the trash which had been picked up and it weighed in at 8 1/2 pounds.  Some people are such slobs….


I had noticed when I pulled in that there was a US Park Service Fire & Rescue vehicle parked near the building and a firefighter was talking to one of the rangers who was working here.  Turns out he was there to give a demonstration to a group of youngsters who were having a Junior Ranger learning session inside the building.


And of course I couldn’t leave without getting my picture taken.  Meet JohnBoy the Park Ranger.


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