Gizmo near Togwotee Pass


As I was driving southeast on Route 287 in northwest Wyoming I noticed this large object way up on the top of a mountain to my left (this photo was taken using quite a bit of zoom.  It was WAY up there, and it is REALLY big).  Does anyone have a clue what this thing is?  I assumed I’d be able to Google the location and figure it out but I’m coming up blank.




It almost looks like a huge drive-in movie screen.  I think it might be some type of reflector for transmission signals.  I’m really stumped.

3 thoughts on “Gizmo near Togwotee Pass”

  1. So like you, I think it is a Giant Drive-In Movie Screen LOL

    I did find the GPS coordinates (I think) for your object on google maps
    Teton County Wyoming 43.757410, -110.056310, I just haven’t figured out what it is yet!


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