Cheyenne Mountain Complex


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GO AWAY   BlogBoy!!

When I left the house this morning I thought what the heck, I’m only about 4 miles from the entrance to Cheyenne Mountain Complex so why not just drive up there are get a picture of the entrance gate.


There were signs even before I got to the exit off the highway indicating that you’d better be there on Official Business.  Somehow I don’t think my little blog would meet their definition of Official Business.  Like I said, these folks don’t screw around so I thought I’d better not take the chance since I’ve already been reprimanded twice this trip by people carrying guns.

I mentioned this to the guy who gave me the tour of the Peterson Air Force Base museum (see next post) and he said it is good thing I didn’t try.  They do get cranky with silly tourists who can’t seem to understand that no means no.