Magpies at Rocky Mountain National Park

When I entered RMNP on day one the very first area I got to was a large meadow which had a parking area for visitors to view wildlife.  All I saw that morning were birds, but they were magnificent birds.

I took the first few photos myself.  I have seen these birds various places on this trip but these are first pictures I’ve taken of them.




Magpies are mostly black and white, but they also have very nice shades of blue and green on the tops of some of their feathers (these were at a distance so the color is off a bit).

Despite their simple coloration, in flight these are probably the most beautiful birds I have ever seen.  I watched them with binoculars which made the them appear crisp and clear as I watched them fly around the meadow.  I’m not quick enough or talented enough to catch them in flight with my camera so I’ve downloaded some images off the internet:


(Photo credit:


(Photo credit:

If you are ever fortunate enough to see some magpies, take a break and enjoy a few minutes watching them.  You won’t ever forget it.