Pagosa Springs, Colorado

I drove through the little town of Pagosa Springs on my way to Durango on Thursday evening.  It is about an hour east of Durango.  I drove through it twice today, once (going east) as I embarked on my counter-clockwise scenic drive, then going west after I abandoned my grand loop plan due to time constraints (I didn’t want to get home after dark).

I cruised through town heading east but stopped for lunch near the San Juan River before leaving town.




Near the river were some neat little establishments, including the restaurant where I wanted to eat.





It was just after noon and there was a long line so I opted to just eat the veggies I had purchased earlier in the day and continue driving.


After turning around when I got to South Fork and heading back towards Durango I thought I’d have another bite at the apple (actually burger).  Well, there was STILL a long, slow moving line, and I wanted lunch, not dinner, so I left again.  #ImpatientJohnBoy.  #VeryHungryCaterpillar


This time when I got to town I stopped to take some pictures.  The first place I saw was a really neat gift shop.





They had some very colorful baskets on their front steps.




And in the window was a huge, very colorful shallow bowl (like you’d use for a centerpiece).  I put the camera right up against the glass to eliminate the reflection so you can’t see the whole thing.


I went in to grab a business card and to tell the person working there that I’d be posting some pictures on my blog.  I ended up buying a much smaller bowl for myself (they are made of plastic-covered telephone wire, wound very tightly).  Everything was fairly pricey but they were all very nice.  You get what you pay for, and talent should be rewarded.

Contact me if you want the name of the shop (upper right corner of blog welcome screen).

There were other photogenic places in town, though too numerous to show them all.




This was the neon sign I noticed as I drove through town the night before (with darkened skies due to rain).  My car just happens to be parked right out front!  Funny how that works….