4 Corners

Last stop for the day was 4 Corners, where Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico all converge at one point.  This spot is on Native American Indian land so it is not controlled by the US government.  It is about 40 miles southwest of Cortez, Colorado.


There are ramps to view the center from a slight elevation in all four states (for photo ops).





I have no idea who this guy is, but he graciously agreed to let me take his picture and even turned to face me after his buddies had finished taking theirs.


I do know who this guy is.  I met him earlier in the day back at Mesa Verde National Park.



His name is Steve and he’s from New Jersey.  He has been riding his bike cross country since the beginning of May, bless his heart.  After stepping through the intersection of states he has been in 42 states since he left home (OK, so the last 3 were easy but cut the guy some slack!).

What really cracked me up about this was that he and I talked briefly up at Mesa Verde around 10 o’clock this morning.  I asked where he was headed next and he said 4 Corners.  I said I was too, and that maybe I’d see his there.  Well damned if he wasn’t just getting to the turnoff at the same time I was!  I couldn’t believe it.

So while I had been driving around all day in my air-conditioned car, stopping at various places and enjoying a nice lunch, Steve was cranking away on his bike, in near 100 degree heat for the last 35 miles once he got outside of Cortez.  It would have taken me about an hour and a half to drive from where we talked this morning to here.  It took him 6 hours and 9 minutes.

Steve is continuing on to two others places I also plan to be in the coming weeks so who knows, we may cross paths again!  His ultimate destination is Las Vegas, but we’ll both be in Zion National Park in Utah and the Grand Canyon in Arizona before then.

And while I’m schlepping all my belongings around in my car, here is Steve’s world.


I told him I was very, very impressed.