The Retro Inn

I stopped and got a bunch of pictures of this motel yesterday and went back today to take even more.  The Retro Inn is located in Cortez, Colorado.

Their sign, as intended, was the first thing that got my attention.  This young couple was already taking pictures for posterity so I asked if it was OK for me to take a picture of him taking a picture of her.



And yes, that’s The King patiently sitting on the bench waiting for you to cozy up next to him.  The trailer is also a retro prop.  The car and truck in the background are not.


The room numbers are all years.  When I stay here in a few weeks I’ll ask to be in Room 1954 (the blue door), the year I was born.


Oversized chess boards are apparently a “thing” in Colorado.  This is the second one I’ve seen and my sister-in-law Jen said there has one at their hotel as well.  I saw a kid playing chess here with his Dad today and the Queen piece was taller than he was.


This is on the back of their business card.

Coincidentally (or perhaps by design) there is a Denny’s Classic diner right across the street.  And my brother and sister-in-law, who were here a week ago before returning to New York on Sunday, said there is a great retro drive-in restaurant in town that I need to check out on my to Utah in the morning.   Hmmmm….. chili dogs for breakfast.  Yummy.


I went back today to get a picture of Anthony, the nice young man working at the front desk who was so helpful the day before.  He had given me many great suggestions and I wanted to thank him (and get his picture for the blog).




And I couldn’t resist getting a shot of these two modern cars at the Retro Inn.


I really do plan to stay here for one night when I return to Colorado in a few weeks.