How am I doing?

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Tonight officially marks 8 weeks on the road.  20,708 miles and counting.

This means it has also been 8 weeks since starting this blog.  Those of you who have been part of it since the beginning know that I have starting making MANY more posts each night than I did when I started, as well as including many more photos per post (I’ve had to pay to upgrade the site twice, to allow for more storage space).

What do you think?  Too many posts?  Too many pictures per post?  Too much commentary?  Too many repetitive pictures (mountains, animals, etc)?  Too much showing off with the zoom lens?

I’m not just fishing for compliments, although many of you have said nice things (which I do appreciate).  Please spill your guts and tell me your thoughts.  I want the bad as well as the good.

You may comment publicly (which everyone will see) if you click “Comments” to the left of this, or any current post (I believe comments are open for 14 days).  If you’d prefer to keep your comments between you and me, click “Contact” at the upper right corner of the welcome screen when you first open the blog.

On many computers you can make the pictures I post full-screen by left-clicking on them, and you can save any of the pictures I post to your own computer by right-clicking on them.  You can copy that file to a flash drive and have actual photos printed (in the size of your choice) at any Target, Walmart or Walgreens near you.

If you are tired of getting multiple e-mails in the middle of the night as I post, you may remove your name from the followers list and just review the site online at your convenience.  Recent posts always appear first, so just scroll down until you see something you’ve already looked at.

Looking at my list of followers, I only know about half of them.  I’m trying to spread the word and share the blog with more and more people.  Please help me make and keep this an enjoyable venture.


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