Monticello, Utah

Today I drove from where I had been staying in Durango, Colorado over to Joseph, Utah, where I’ll be spending the next 5 nights.  Originally I had planned to get to Joseph via Arches National Park but I decided en route that I’d be smarter to head directly towards Joseph rather than venturing further north.  This will give me more time to actually be in the Park once I get there.  So when I reached the town of Monticello, Utah shortly after getting in to the state, I turned left rather than right.

As I was driving towards town I saw 24 wind turbines lazily spinning in the distance.  Once I got to town I positioned myself to get a video of some of them which had been spinning in sync (I’m still working on converting my .mp4 videos to a format which WordPress will allow me to post on the blog).  While driving around to find the right spot I saw this house with some very nice flower beds out front.



Just up the street was this LDS Temple.  I’m in Utah now, and this is Mormon country.  You’ll probably be seeing more LDS (Latter Day Saints) temples when I head upstate towards Salt Lake City early next week.


Once I got back to the main road I saw a building housing this huge tractor.


This is the “Big 4” tractor and it is huge.


The green motor is located between the rear wheels.




And to illustrate just how tall this tractor is, I took this photo with the camera lens at the same height as my eye level (and I’m 5′ 11″ tall).


After viewing the tractor I went next door to the Southeast Utah Welcome Center, which is where I met Kayla and Wanda.


I spent quite a while talking with them about my trip.  They both gave me excellent suggestions of additional things to do while in the area, and they convinced me that this is yet another place where I’ll need to spend more time in the future. And I’ll need to bring my golf clubs as there is a really nice golf course not far away.

As I was leaving town I passed this Catholic Church.  In all my travels around the country, houses of worship are often the most beautiful buildings I see.


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