Klamath Falls, Oregon


(Photo credit: JRCompton.com)

After I left Crater Lake I drove east, then south to Klamath Falls.  My main reason for going there was to have my tires rotated at a tire store chain which is popular in the western part of the country.  But as I learned from the AAA travel guide for Oregon, Klamath Falls is known for two unusual things.

First, it is one of the homes to the American White Pelican.  I didn’t actually see any during my brief stay (I drove past Upper Klamath Lake, which is north of town and is probably where they hang out) so I went online and found this photo.

Second, the town sits on an underground bounty of geothermally heated water which is used to help heat homes, schools, businesses, etc.  It is also used to help melt snow and ice from sidewalks, steps and the Esplanade Street Bridge in the winter.  What a great way to utilize a natural resource!