If you get to California you’ve gone too far…



No, this was actually part of my route for the day.  After leaving Crater Lake and stopping in Klamath Falls to have my tires rotated, there was a triangle of scenic roads (97/161/39) south of the city which briefly took me in to northern California.  A few hundred feet after crossing the state line I turned left on Route 161 which took me about 20 miles east (it is actually called State Line Road).  To the south of that road was Upper Klamath Wildlife Reserve, a small portion of which is seen below.  Once I reached the little town of Merrill I turned left again and headed back to Klamath Falls.

The only wildlife I saw were geese, but at this point it was 100 degrees (literally) and if the wildlife were smart they were hunkered down in the tall green grass or in the water.

And I must apologize to California.  On Tuesday I presumed that the smoke I was seeing after I left Crater Lake and drove east was coming from wildfires in California.  As Donald Trump liked to say during the presidential debates – Wrong.  I heard on the radio this morning as I drove down to Crater Lake that most of the smoke currently hovering over Oregon, if not from Oregon fires themselves, is actually coming down from British Columbia, Canada!  They have lost over a million acres to fire so far this year, which is unprecedented for this early in the summer.  I heard on the radio about two weeks ago that firefighters from Australia (where it is currently winter) were coming up to the United States and Canada to assist in firefighting efforts up here.