Mishawaka Inn

As expected, the venue my Airbnb host had told me about wasn’t open yet, but I did stop to take some pictures.  It is a very unassuming place which wouldn’t really have drawn my attention but for all the signage and the long fence which runs beyond the restaurant itself.




This place is a local legend.  It is the Mishawaka Restaurant & Concert Amphitheater.  Locals call it simply “the Mish”.  It is surprisingly large inside and in addition to serving great food in a beautiful spot along the river, they host music events on stages located both inside and out (behind the fence).  They draw huge crowds and parking is very limited so they shuttle guests in from remote parking spots.

As I was taking pictures a guy, who I presumed was the owner, came outside and asked what I was doing.  I said I was just a simple tourist from North Carolina who had been told about this place and was planning to come back when they were open to eat, as I was told they serve really good food.  You’ll read more about this in my last post of the day.


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