Moose 1.0

I had explained to the young couple who were working at the Forest Center building that I was driving west towards Steamboat Springs.  While her husband was talking to another visitor who had come in for information, his wife gave me a map of the region and suggested I turn left about 15 miles up the road onto a dirt road where wildlife sightings are often reported.

I drove back that road a few miles, stopping at various points to get out and use my spiffy new binoculars to survey the terrain.  It was getting close to mid-day and I wasn’t sure how much activity I might see, if any.

I drove up and down the road to various stopping points.  Finally, as I was heading back towards the main road here were two moose, a cow and her calf, about 20 yards off the road to my left.





They were much darker than the moose I had seen up in Yellowstone.  They seemed oblivious to my presence and didn’t seem bothered by other cars that passed by.

Eventually some other cars stopped and one guy had a camera with a huge telephoto lens.  As the two moose slowly worked their way to the right I suggested he walk up towards where my car was parked to be looking at them more from the front than the side.  He did, and got some excellent pictures of them looking right at him after they both turned their heads.