Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre

After getting back down to a more comfortable altitude I exited the Park to the west and soon arrived in the little town of Grand Lake, Colorado.  My nephew, Sam, has been working there this summer before heading back to Colorado Springs to start his 4th year of college.  Sam is a Master Electrician and programs all the lighting for various productions being performed at the theater.


Sam and I are going to be having lunch tomorrow but he took a break from what he was doing  today (helping construct props and other stage fixtures) to give me a quick tour.  The production is dark on Sundays but they rotate 3 different shows on the other 6 nights of the week.

This is from the stage looking towards the audience.  The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville wouldn’t let me do this….


And this is the area behind the audience where Sam programs all the lighting instructions based of the script for each show.  He is actually backstage during each performance but is in communication with an assistant who triggers each pre-programmed lighting sequence on cue from this vantage point.


I’ll be coming up to Grand Lake from Breckenridge in a few days to see one of the shows.