Various places after lunch

This was the view of an area south of my vantage point getting soaked.


After leaving Grand Lake I saw this young lady and her two horses resting in a wildlife viewing area near Granby.  She had been riding one and escorting the other, which is a rescue horse.


As I drove north on Route 125 I saw this shaft of light to my left.  At first I thought it was rain, but after watching it from various angles and comparing it with other rain shafts I decided it is just light, caused by a hole in the thick clouds through which the sun was shining.


Then I noticed an unusual thing to my right.  I had seen the same phenomena a few days ago in southern Wyoming.  Rainbows are generally arcs of color in rain mist which appear to exist on their own.  This was a colorful cloud, with a much wider color band.  I had never seen anything like it before a few days ago and now here is another one!  I’ll be posting the other one when I get some of my picture backlog caught up.



When I got to the little town of Walden and turned right to take Route 14 back to Fort Collins, I noticed this sign which I thought looked really cool.


And as I drove east on Route 14 I noticed a conventional rainbow with a nice mountainous background.