I think that about 98% of the hay I see harvested in fields these days has been saved using the new “round bale” technology.  Old school hay bales weighed between 50 and 60 pounds.  The large, round bales can weigh up to 1,500 pounds.

Shortly before I got to Rexburg, Idaho I drove past a hay field with huge rectangular bales (actually referred to as square bales).  These are not your father’s hay bales that you could carry using two hay hooks, these are ginormous.


I was soooo tempted to drive my car out there and park next to one to demonstrate how big these puppies are but I didn’t want to get myself in trouble.  This field was just west of Arco, Idaho and when I got in to town a few minutes later here came a big truck carrying some of these types of bales which will give you some idea just how big they are.