Stonehenge (Washington state)

This being “eclipse day” I thought it was the perfect time to post these photos.

A few weeks ago, after driving south from Washington down to Oregon, I posted a few pictures from in and around the Maryhill Museum.  It is on east/west Route 14 on the Washington side of the Columbia River, near the intersection with north/south Route 97 on which I was traveling that particular day.  The day I took this I was driving east on 14 and came across this memorial shortly after passing Route 97.

This is an exact replica of Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England.  As you can see, this version is fully intact.  The original Stonehenge was built with precision, as it was used by people of that era to observe specific celestial events, measure time and mark the seasons of the year.  Every stone needs to be in a very specific place.





This monument was constructed (from 1918 through 1929) as a memorial to soldiers who served in World War I.  There is also a memorial nearby dedicated to local men and women who perished in other, more recent conflicts.


Those of you who have been following this blog from the beginning know that one of my very first posts, back in early July, was of a thing called “Carhenge,” located near Alliance, Nebraska.   Ironically, Carhenge, and Alliance, are in the direct path of today’s total solar eclipse!


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