Schriever Air Force Base

210 Falcon Parkway, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

That’s what your GPS unit enters into it’s GPS unit when it wants to go home.  This is where GPS lives.

Schriever AFB is where the 50th Space Wing, formerly known as the Consolidated Space Operations Center, is located.  It is the nerve center of the worldwide Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) network.  Here they monitor 31 satellites in orbit all around the Earth.  As my guide, Jim, at the nearby Peterson AFB museum put it, Schreiver (pronounced Sh-REE-ver) is the only Air Force Base without a runway.  He told me GPS technology has advanced to the point where it is accurate to within 24 centimeters.

Jim said that this was another facility I shouldn’t even try to photograph.  I had heard about this base on an NPR “Science Friday” episode about a year ago. In it they said that because of the worldwide reliance on GPS, guards here also have standing shoot-to-kill orders against intruders.

Here are some photos I found from the relative safety of the internet.

SchrieverAFB Gate

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Schriever-AFB Overview

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