Durango-to-Silverton Railroad

This narrow-gauge steam engine railroad travels the 45-mile distance between Durango and Silverton every day, passing through many areas which are inaccessible by car.  Riders get to spend several hours in Silverton before making the return trip.

Shortly after leaving Durango I overtook the train, which at the time was running on tracks parallel to the highway.  I drove on ahead and crossed the tracks so I’d have the sun behind me.





I plan to come back to Durango in a few weeks to ride this train, which takes up almost the whole day.


Further on up the road I stopped at a parking area just past a bridge, thinking it was a photo op for some scenery I had seen east of the bridge.  Well, there isn’t any way to safely walk on the bridge and I soon realized the train was coming…. (even if you can’t hear it you can always tell where it is by the smoke billowing up above the trees).

I positioned myself in the shade next to the bridge.








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