After I took the second set of train pictures I saw this guy peddling his bike uphill.  I pulled ahead of him up the road and positioned myself so the sun would be at my back.

As he approached I yelled “Can I take your picture for my blog?”.  I think he had earbuds in because all he said was “What?”.  I took that to mean he gave his consent….





Later in the morning as I got back on the road after a photo op I fell in behind this truck.  He pulled off into an area where other vehicles were parked shortly after I took this picture (while driving, Shawn, I know you’re going to yell at me….).


They are local guys who were out for a couple of hours of mountain biking.  They had parked a car at the bottom of the mountain and drove the truck up here.  This obviously wasn’t their first rodeo.  We talked for a few minutes while they got ready to ride.








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