Anasazi Heritage Center

I had seen this facility the day before but stopped in today when I had more time.  Judging by the name I thought it was one of many Native American Indian-run museums I have seen during my trip but this one is actually operated by the US Park Service and Bureau of Land Management.


I was captivated before I even set foot inside the building.  The first thing that got my attention was the brick entryway from the parking lot.  When standing in the center of the circle the pattern of bricks radiating outward looks the same in all directions.


But when you see it from a distance the image looks very different.


Next were the flowers.  There were two in particular that caught my eye.  These are called Mexican Hats.



While getting in position to get the next shots a young praying mantis landed on my cell phone.  I obviously couldn’t take a picture of it and I was sure it would fly off before I could go get my other camera.  I was able to scoot him off onto a flower and then took his picture before he flew away.



And the flowers you are seeing are called Red Feathers.




And then there was the big ceramic cat.



Once inside I spoke for a while with the gentleman who was at the front desk.  He gave me many suggestions of other places to visit while in the area.  I finally got around to touring the inside of the Visitor Center.




In addition to the artifacts behind glass there were many drawers under the displays which encouraged you to open them.  Inside were many hands-on items which you were supposed to pick up and examine.  When you did so there was an explanation in the depression where they had been explaining what they are.  Pretty clever.



There were many other displays, artwork and photographs of the area on display.